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Whatever the company, often the day is not enough to carry out all your daily tasks.

If you want to save time each day and focus on what is essential for your business, INITIATIVE can be a real asset to your business.


Indeed, with a networt of qualified experts, Initiative intervenes in teleworking for more flexibility and reponsiveness, increasing your efficiency, in areas of business driving your company. 

A single contact will be at your disposal to answer your requirements and throughout the duration of the mission.

You are relieved of the extra work and find a balance between your private life and your professional life, at a lower cost, while participating in job creation.

We are the partner of your evolution!

What are the advantages?

SAVINGS: You only pay for the time spent. You do not have recruitment and therefore no notice and no administrative to manage. 

A QUALIFIED EXPERT: We guarantee the availability and competence of the worker. Régular checks shall be carried out at all times during the mission. 

MORE PRODUCTIVITY: You focus on what is essential for you "your work" and the most important aspects of your businees.

WIDE POSSIBILITES: We intervene in areas of expertises sought: IT, administrative, commercial, accounting, communication, training and well-being. 

AVAILABILITY: Intervention mau be performed outside normal office hours. Communication and access to the worker's office in real time is possible, if necessary. 

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